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    One of the favourite thing about traveling is tasting the genuine local food. There is a saying if you have to taste the popular local food, you haven't discovered the country well yet.

    The perks of traveling to different countries is you get the opportunity to discover and taste different types of local cuisine. 

    We have prepared a list of 10 must-try food when you visit these 10 countries! Follow our food list, if you have no idea what to try in these countries!



    #1 -  Kimbap, South Korea


    Kimbap is a popular Korean street snack that can be found commonly in Korea.

    Kimbap is usually made when the koreans go for a picnic. It is inexpensive & taste delicious!


    Usually best eaten together with other korean street snacks like topokki.

    Another way to enjoy kimbap is by dipping the sauce from topokki & eat it together.


    queensland must try

    #2 - Lamington,  Australia (Queensland)


    Satisfy your sweet tooth cravings with Queensland traditional cake when you visit Australia!

    Lamington is a sponge or butter cake dipped in chocolate and sprinkled over with desiccated coconut.

    This iconic national cake is invented after Lord Lamington (The governor of Queensland from 1896-1901) accidentally dropped a sponge cake into melted chocolate.


    sabah must try 03

    #3 -  Ikan Basung, Malaysia (Sabah)

    I'm sure you have heard a lot about Malaysia delicacy but little do you know about Ikan Basung.

    Ikan Basung.is a traditional Sabah delicacy that you must try when you visit Sabah!

    The best way to savour Ikan Basung is to pan-boiled it. Indulge it by dipping it into chili and lime & it will taste wonderful!


    If you are missing Malaysia local products such as Sarawak Kolo Mee, Heong Peah, Tambun Biscuit, Ah Gong Crispy Prawn Chilli & etc.

    You can now purchase at PinGo, an e-commerce platform under the wing of WTS Travel & Tours Pte Ltd bringing directly to your doorstep. 


    perth must try 04 01

    #4 - Honey Cake, Australia (Perth)


    Another must try food in Australia is their Honey cake when you visit Perth!

    Honey cake are originally inspired by a traditional Czech dessert, but they manage to re-represent it with an Australian touch. 


    The delicious cake is made with multiple honey-flavoured layers, caramel filling and fresh ground walnuts.

    Keep a lookout of the honey cake when you visit Perth Market, you may just find it there. 


    indonesia must try 05 01

    #5 - Bakso, Indonesia 

    Bakso is an Indonesian meatball which is also a popular Indonesian delicacy that is commonly found on the street.

    Beef is commonly used to make Bakso. Pork or chicken Bakso might be a little hard to find,

    Bakso comes in soup & bee hoon unlike the western style meatball. 


    hk must try 06 01

    #6 - Hong Kong Milk Tea, Hong Kong


    Hong Kong Milk tea is an iconic beverage in Hong Kong that has known around the world.

    You may get a cup of Hong Kong milk tea easily in your home country but I'm sure you 

    can't resist a cup of authentic Hong Kong milk tea to make your Hong Kong meal a prefect one.


     Myanmar must try 07

    #7 Green Tomato Salad, Myanmar

    Green Tomato Salad is a must try food when you visit Myanmar!

    Green Tomato salad seems to be found more easily around inle lake region.

    This traditional green tomato salad cuisine was created probably due to the vast growth of tomato in the area.

    As tomato is one of their main production therefore the local farmers came up with this salad.


    Taiwan must try 08

    #8 - Taiwanese Rice ball - Taiwan

    When you are in Taiwan, you got to experience having authentic Taiwan local breakfast.

    In Taiwan, there are plenty of Taiwanese breakfast shops along with a wide variety of Taiwanese breakfast choices.


    Taiwanese rice roll is a classic Taiwanese breakfast to go that can be found easily in the breakfast shop.

    For a healthier choice, you can opt for sticky purple rice roll instead.

    Each bite will give you many surprises as there are many delicious ingredients such as chicken floss, youtiao, egg & etc is wrapped inside the massive rice roll.

    Philippiness must try 09

    #9 - Halo Halo, Philippines

    Halo-halo is a famous traditional dessert in the Philippines and probably your savior during hot weather.

    Halo-halo is traditionally served in a cup consisting of sweetened beans, fruits, shaved ice drizzled with evaporated milk, and ice cream mixed together.

    It’s almost similar to our ice-kachang however Halo-halo seems to be more on a creamy side. 


    Switzerland must try 10


    #10 - Swiss Traditional Cheese Fondue

    If you haven't try swiss traditional Cheese Fondue, you haven't really been to Switzerland!

    Traditional Cheese Fondue is a must-try food in Switzerland. 


    The Swiss traditional cheese fondue is made up of 4 kinds of cheese.

    Usually, you can dip almost anything with the cheese fondue such as bread crumbs, steamed broccoli, roasted baby potatoes, cherry tomatoes & etc according to your own preferences. 


    Food is another perspective of understanding the country. We have introduced 10 Must Try Food when visiting these 10 countries.

    Which local food from which country do you want to try most?



    Friday, 05 June 2020 02:54

    5 Must Try Food in Thailand

    Written by

    Anyone is missing authentic Thai food during this period & can't wait to travel to Thailand again when the border starts opening again?

    Even though, we can't really travel now. It doesn't really stop us from dream now and travel later. 

    Today, we are going to introduce 5 Must-Try Food in Thailand for your next Thailand trip.


    When thai food comes into your mind, you might be thinking about Tom yum soup, Pad thai, sticky mango rice & etc.

    These are the common thai food that we are familiar with, so in this Thailand food guide we will introduce some different thai food and snacks that you can try for your next trip~


    Thailand Food Guide


    Disclaimer: Photos & shop details shared are for illustration purposes. No upselling is engaged. 

     78206332 803908443390236 8706475961186516992 o

    1. Taste Traditional Thai Breakfast: Kope Hya Kai Te

    Kope Hya Kai Te has been operating since 1952 serving traditional thai breakfast. 

     If you are craving to try some nostalgic breakfast in Bangkok, you can visit Kope Hya Kai Te.

    Their signature dish that you must try at Kope Hya Kai ye is their kai kra ta (pan-fried eggs with minced pork) together with a toasted baguette.


    94270257 10215436296210520 1972243497649963008 o

    At Kope Hya Kai Te, they served different kinds of drinks from Thai style coffee, soy milk with coffee to sweet milk that is not commonly found.

    Therefore, it's quite worth the visit to try the unique traditional thai style breakfast that is not commonly tasted. 


    Kope Hya Kai Te โกปี๊เฮี้ยะไถ่กี่

    Address: 526 Phra Sumen Rd Khwaeng Wat Bowon Niwet, Khet Phra Nakhon, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10200, Thailand


    20200603 174921 1

    2. Durian Sticky Rice (Khao Neow Tu Rean) for desert

    Most probably those who have visited Bangkok before would have tasted mango sticky rice. Have you tasted before durain sticky rice? 

     durian swimming in mildly sweet coconut milk with the all-important sticky rice.


     Mango sticky rice has become an iconic national desert in Thailand but do you know Thailand has durain sticky rice too? 

    Durian sticky rice is served with sweet coconut milk and sticky rice too. If the durian sticky rice is served warm, it will taste even more delicious.



    thai braised pork leg 7 X3

    3. Savour in authentic braised park Knuckle: Charoen Saeng Silom


    Braised pork knuckle has always been one of the Must Try Food in Thailand. 

    Charoen Saeng Silom's braised pork knuckle is in the Michelin Guide for 2018! This shop is quite popular among the locals as it serves authentic braised pork knuckle.

    They have been serving tender and soft flavourful braised pork knuckle since 1959.

    Braised pork knuckle is best tasted together with rice and remember to dip the meat with their chili to get the best taste out of it!


    Address: 492/6 Soi Charoen Krung 49, Suriya Wong, Bang Rak, Bangkok 10500, Thailand


    Photo credit: eatingthaifood


    coconuticecream 1 1

    4. Coconut ice-cream

    I believe it's everyone all time favorite that you must eat whenever you travel to bangkok

    Coconut ice cream can be easily found no matter on the street or at the night market & a saviour for you during such a humid weather. 


    An authentic coconut ice cream has to be served in a coconut husk. On the coconut husk, it should be served with coconut ice cream, a few slices of coconut fresh & probably some toppings.

    Coconut ice-cream is best eaten together with coconut fresh. 


    Photo credit: Aroimakmak


    thai sausage bangkok 860x571 

    5. Sai Oua

    Sai Oua is an affordable traditional thai sausage that is originated from Northern Thailand.

    Sai Oua is considered as a Thai street food that can be found along the streets of Bangkok or even at the famous local market Or Tor Market.

    The ingredients of the sausage includes minced pork, charred makrut lime, galangal, lemongrass, chilies & other spices.

    The locals love to eat Sai Oua together with green roasted chilli paste so you can give it a try too!


    Photo credit: Travelvui


    These are the 5 Must Try Food in Thailand, if you have yet to try any of them. Do remember to mark it on your list & try it on your next thai trip!

    Tuesday, 02 June 2020 15:00

    5 Singapore Phase 1 Safe Reopening Measures

    Written by

    2 June 2020 (Tuesday) marks the ending of the circuit breaker and opening of phase 1 for Singapore.

    Let's give ourselves a round of applause for abiding by the circuit breaker rules this period. 

    We will be sharing some important Singapore Phase 1 re-opening guidelines that are essential for everyone to know and follow accordingly. 


    Ending of Circuit breaker, what's next? 


    covid 19 5224053 1280 2

    1. Mask on for safe commuting 

    Even though after Singapore circuit breaker has ended, a face mask is essential once we step out of our house. 

    While commuting on public transport, it is important to wear mask and practice social distancing.

    No face shields is allowed on any public transport for your well-being. 

    The government also encourages us to avoid talking on public transport to reduce the spread of the virus. 

    Maintaining good personal hygiene such as washing your hands frequently and usage of hand sanitizer is required too. 


    Source: gov.sg


    austin distel wawEfYdpkag unsplash 1

    2. Safe Management measures for a safer workplace

     Working from home guidelines still kicks in from June 2 onwards unless absolutely necessary when employee need to access specialised systems or equipment that cannot be accessed from home.

    On phase 1, it starts with businesses that operate in settings with lower transmission risks, including:

    • Most manufacturing and production facilities, eg. semiconductors and medical technology; and
    • Most businesses with employees working in offices and setting that do not require interactions with large groups of people, eg. finance & insurance, and IT & info services.

    Adhering to safe management measures such as temperature screenings and declarations, wearing masks at all times are required while working in the office. 

    Companies are encouraged to implement  Business Continuity Plans (BCPs)  such as stagger working hours & etc to avoid crowded office situations. 

     Some other services that will be allowed to resume includes motor vehicle servicing, aircon servicing, basic pet services, and hairdressers or barbers. 


    Source: Gov.sg


    board 928378 1920 1

    3. Partial re-opening for school

    Currently, schools will reopen on June 2 for graduating cohorts such as Primary 6, Secondary 4 & 5 only. Students who are attending classes is required to wear masks or face shields throughout the lessons. 

    Wearing of mask will not be required during PE lessons and co-curricular activities will continue to be suspended till further notice.


    Meanwhile, the rest of the cohorts will continue home-based learning & attend lessons in school alternatively on a weekly basis. 

    Pre-schools will fully reopen by June 10 & School-and community-based student care centres will also open from June 2.


    Source: Straitstimes


    evan wise 1SLDCdUZAcM unsplash 1

    4. Retail shops remain closed

    Thinking of rushing to shop after the circuit beaker ends? Wait for a minute, we are currently still unable to do any shopping because all the retail shops remain close. 

    We also can't purchase our favourite bubble tea yet. On the bright side,  if everything is within the control, F&B, retail outlets, gym, recreation centres & enrichment centres will resume in phase 2. 

    Meanwhile, we can continue to abide by the safety guidelines while we look forward to phase 2. 


     Source: Gov.sg


     airport 1937761 1920 1

    5. Leisure Travel still takes time 

     Currently, leisure travel is still not allowed. However, from 2 June onwards travellers are allowed to transit through Changi airport.

    This only apply to those foreign passengers  who are on repatriation flights arranged by their governments. 


    Stringent measures will be implemented to ensure transit passengers remain in designated facilities within the transit area and do not mix with other passengers.

    Airport staff interacting with passengers will be wearing personal protective equipment and existing precautionary measures will still be re-enforced. 


    When things get better, Singapore might be re-opening the border, and we can start travelling again.

    Hence, for us to start traveling again we must do our own part to stop the spreading of the virus & kill the virus successfully.


     Source: Channel News Asia


    Phase 1

    For a more detailed Singapore Phase 1 Safe Re-opening guidelines, please refer to the government website for further information.  

    Friday, 15 May 2020 02:00

    5 Travel hacks for your next trip

    Written by

    While everyone is missing traveling, we have prepared 5 travel hacks for your next travel trip! 

    Check your travel checklist if you have been missing them out all these while! 

    These 5 travel hacks help you to explore around the world more safely, easily connected and travel lighter by saving your luggage space for something better.


    5 Travel Tips & Tricks


     Photo from Felice 1

    1. Bring along a universal travel adapter

    Rather than buying a travel adapter kit for multiple countries, our simple travel hack is a more cost-effective option. 

    Opt to purchase a universal travel adapter that can cover more than 150+ counties.

    With a compact universal travel adapter, different types of plugs are made into a single adapter making both traveling and packing easier. 


    travel insurance


    2.  Buying Travel insurance is essential

    We can never belittle the importance of travel insurance. A travel insurance comes in handy during unforeseen circumstances such as theft or damage of baggage, medical expenses, flight delay, or even during an emergency.

    With travel insurance covered, you would seek help easily through dialing the insurance company's emergency hotline or do a claim conveniently by filling up a form and provide essential evidence to qualify for a claim. 


    If you are considering to purchase a travel insurance for your next trip, you may consider  AIG Travel Guard®.

    AIG Travel Guards allows you to choose your plan according to your travel needs such as the countries that you are traveling to and your preferred coverage. 



    3. Roll your clothes in your luggage

    To save yourself for more luggage space, another travel hack that we are sharing is to roll your clothes in your luggage.

    It is ideal to roll your clothes as your luggage will look relatively tidier & it actually optimizes the space in your luggage. 

    Additionally, it also helps to keep clothing wrinkle-free. 

    By freeing up some spaces means you can squeeze more souvenirs back! 


    Photo credit: https://getaway.10best.com/



      4. Plan your Travel at Tripit

    TripIt is a travel planning app which is useful for free & easy travelers. Doing travel planning can be quite tedious due to our busy lifestyle.

    With this app, you can do travel planning on the go such as creating itineraries or view your itineraries just on one app. 

    The best thing is you can view your itineraries on an interactive map!




    If your preferred travel style is free & easy but travel planning isn't your thing. WTS Travel provides a wide variety of land tours or mini tours according to your preferred countries. 

    Our land tours or mini tours are smaller in size so it is more flexible and relaxing. 

    If free & easy travel is a thing for you, you may consider our land tours or mini tours on your next travel!


    For those travelers who also prefer a planned holiday, it is essential to look for a reliable travel agent.

    WTS Travel has more than 30 years of experience, curating exciting and meaningful travel experiences for travelers of different ages.

    You just need to think of a destination and leave everything else to us.

    Free Travel Consultation available at all our WTS outlets island-wide after Circuit breaker.


    get connect


    5. Stay connected,  get a portable Wi-Fi

    Being connected even when you are traveling is becoming essential now.

    When we are constantly updating on social media sharing our memorable travel moments, finding location using the GPS,  it is important for us to have a portable Wi-Fi with good connectivity.

    A good portable wi-fi should be 4G high speed internet, unlimited data usage & able to connect many devices.


    Some ideas for getting a portable Wi-Fi :


    Here are the 5 useful Travel hacks that you can try to use them on your next travel tip. If you have any travel hacks, that you could like to share with us, let us know too!

    Tuesday, 14 April 2020 07:56

    Sanitising of our coaches and outlets

    Written by

    Creating a comfortable, sanitised, and clean environment for our guests during their travel is of utmost importance to us. We are committed to maintaining a high hygiene standard for our coaches, stores, and other assets.


    WTS Travel coaches are sanitised daily, by using Klenco's Sanifect through fogging and wipe down. At our stores level, our colleagues do their best to maintain high hygiene, through frequent washing of their hands and regular sanitising on areas that are high in contact.


    Play the video to see how our colleague keep our coaches and retail store sanitised

    Wednesday, 18 March 2020 08:57

    Change in operating hour for all WTS Travel outlets.

    Written by

    [ANNOUNCEMENT] Change in operating hour for all WTS Travel outlets.

    Effective from 18/03/2020, Wednesday, all of our outlets operating hour will be as follow till further notice:

    11:45am - 8:00pm (daily)

    We apologise for any inconvenience caused due to the changes.





    每天 11:45 am - 8:00 pm




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